Our entire team of loyal employees is comprised of dedicated specialists. When it comes to SAME DAY EXPEDITED DELIVERY…we do it all. And since that’s all we do, we are specialists in our industry. As Arthur Brussard says…”if you need surgery on your knee, you don’t go to a general surgeon, you go to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee repairs.” The same holds true in transportation. In fact, many other transportation companies, who offer a multitude of service levels, choose TruckCourier when they need same day expedited service done right. When you need an expert call us.

We continue to be the biggest and the best in New England.

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Our Vision

TruckCourier… New England’s Foremost Same Day Expedited Trucking & Courier Company handling your most sensitive cargo van and straight truck shipments.

TruckCourier combines exceptional personal customer service, modern technology and an unparalleled attention to detail to serve a wide-range of loyal clients. They rave about us –You will remember how well we did our job: our customers do.

Our Staff

Our dispatch team is expert in every aspect of their jobs and consistently receives high marks from our diverse pool of customers for the professional, efficient and courteous manner in which every detail is handled. (Please see Success Stories.)

It is a testament to our company and the loyalty and longevity of our entire staff that they average 11 years of service with TruckCourier and 20 plus years in the transportation industry.

Their expertise, combined with our innovative, custom-designed, proprietary software helps ensure your shipment is handled quickly, safely, and professionally.

We understand that we are acting as a trusted member of your team, and our ability to capture pertinent specific information and make it accessible is something we are very proud of.

Our job is to make yours easier – trust us. “Call Us and Relax!”