Success Stories

You will remember how well we did our job – our customers do

Rock On!

WHEN ONE OF THE MOST WELL KNOWN BANDS IN THE WORLD left Boston for their World Tour starting in Asia and found themselves in California without critical gear, TruckCourier got the call and delivered so the show could go on… WHEN THEY NEEDED TO ROCK…TRUCKCOURIER ROLLED!

Championship Services – Serving Champions

The year was 2002. The New England Patriots had just won their first Championship. Major Retailers all across the region were now expecting an onslaught of fans wanting championship apparel and other items. TruckCourier took to the field, standing by the presses and working all night to help put the high demand products on the shelves on time and on budget. Things were no different over the following decade as the Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins all joined the Patriots as Championship winners. We have delivered everything from t-shirts to camera equipment, everywhere from Fenway Park to a NASCAR event in Montreal. Each and every time TruckCourier was called in from the bullpen to get the save, and we delivered!

First Responders

When the World Trade Centers fell, so did their entire technology infrastructure. Computers were down, or completely gone, new equipment needed to be delivered and new locations needed to be set up. TruckCourier was entrusted to deliver sensitive, valuable, and fragile computer parts and other equipment directly to crucial locations nearby to help assist in getting major technology companies and the New York Stock Exchange back up and running. In addition to expedited deliveries from the Boston area, we kept drivers on site in New York and New Jersey around the clock, making trips between manufacturers and key locations in the area for weeks to ensure not a second was wasted on these urgent deliveries. Thanks go out to all involved for delivering the goods and also to our clients for trusting us during a critical time in our country’s history.

We are equally trusted every day by hundreds of customers. We deliver everything from mayonnaise to missile parts and for customers involved in the making of everything from semiconductors to space shuttles. We offer Same Day Expedited Pick up and Delivery for time sensitive, critical, valuable, fragile, and/or heavy shipments. It is easy to see that, regardless of the industry you work in ( Transportation, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Printing, Medical Device, Hi Tech, Electronics, Computers, Event Management, Trade Shows, Construction, Retail, Restaurant, Government or Defense to name only a few), TruckCourier can and should be a valued and trusted partner in delivering your product!

Industries Served

There is a quote by W. Somerset Maugham which reads “if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.” We bet he would have used TruckCourier!